The Carnival Float


No doubt the great majority of your attended the Folkestone Carnival and saw just how good our entry turned out to be. The Carnival Committee really have done us proud. They started out with a dirty, scruffy 40ft. trailer and transformed it into a really first class float.

The amount of time and hard work that went into the construction was phenomenal. Also bear in mind that two days before the Carnival, a fire that was potentially very serious almost destroyed all the hard work that had gone into it. A generator was totally destroyed and the trailer itself was also damaged

It is a great pity that we didn't enter the float for the Best Illuminated Section as I feel sure we would have wan it. The lighting etc, was truly amazing and this is entirely due to the efforts of our electrical genius Blake 7. Well done mate.

Thanks also to everybody who lent us the bits and pieces that all contributed to an excellent end result. Many thanks also to Blue Falcon, Sour Grape, Pea Brain, and everybody else, too numerous to mention who came along and helped out. You all have every right to feel very proud of what you achieved and on behalf of the entire club I would like to say a very sincere and heartfelt Thank You. Well done to you all.


Connonball pulled the trailer with his own truck, VOLVO F89 assisted by Trucker Boy (Age 4).
The trailer was on loan from Joosten U.K.

Miss CB Folkestone
Southern  Comfort
Miss CB Folkestone
Sour Grape
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