Proof that CB radio saves lives

Herald June 1981

I FEEL I must write in reply to the biased Herald Comment last week about Citizen Band Radio. The writer obviously does not know anything about CB.
The law was not deliberately flouted as the writer said. The demonstration was organised properly and after discussion with the local police. As it is every citizens right to demonstrate, why should we not be allowed the same privilege? I would also like to point out that it is the police's duty to control all demos; hence the police escort.

CB saves lives and this has been proved many times in the Shepway area alone. Breakers are constantly assisting people in need, whether it might be a car that has run out of petrol or a bad accident.
If the "behaviour" referred to during the motorcade means lights, loudspeakers and banners being waved, then I sincerely hope the writer will be as quick to condemn the forthcoming Folkestone Carnival as this will undoubtedly cause more inconvenience than our relatively small demo.
All breakers will continue to "kick up a fuss" about the wavelength we want, in the hope that the Government no longer disregard public opinion. Why should it be necessary for the UK to have a CB system that is totally incompatible with the rest of the world?
This means that when someone from this country goes abroad, his CB radio will be useless and indeed illegal in any other country he enters. This also applies to tourists coming to this country.
I challenge the writer and anyone else to obtain proof that CB radio interferes with kidney machines or other essential medical equipment. We realise that CB can interfere with television sets, but this  is dealt with relatively easily.
If anyone in Folkestone is receiving interference, I invite them to write to me and if it proves that CB radio is the cause, then we will sort out the problem.
I hope that you publish this letter so that the public can read the other side of the story, and make up its own mind, instead of being told what to think  - G. J. MacKay,  chairman of the Rural Breakers' Association,
Mackenzie Drive, Cheriton, Folkestone.
BEING  the mother of a four year-old who is partially deaf, I would just like to write and say that I support the CB radio users wholeheartedly and always will. People are quick enough to condemn them, but never do you see anywhere saying well done. In just a short while they raised £525 for my son Simon. If it had not been for the CB users my son should not be able to hear as well as he does. I personally would like to shout from the rooftops a Hooray for the CB users. I am sure that other people who these people have helped would also add their praises - Mrs P. Robbins
WHILE thanking the editor for printing my letter regarding the CB demonstration in Hythe, and the use of these sets, I must ask that the record put right. I did not say that reception on my TV was often interrupted by messages at three timesc the volume of the programme I was watching. I also resent being labelled a "television fan" merely because I said that reception on my TV set is being interfered with. The point of my letter was really to ask CB enthusiasts: Do they have to interfere with users of emergency and clogging up town centres with their demonstrations? If they do, then what right do they have to do so? - R. Giles
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