Excerpts from Magazines  1981
After last week's social whirl, I have just about recovered enough 'to write' this week's magazine.
Well you may be asking what social whirl (you moan you missed it).
On Saturday 1.8.81, there was the Bar-B-Q down on the Warren which was a lovely do and there was yours truly prancing about doing the cooking. Many thanks to those that attended for making this a lovely evening and thanks to everybody for their help in arranging this do.
On Sunday 2.8.81, there was Queen Bee & Hanging Judge's car rally. Once again they excelled themselves and everyone enjoyed a lovely day out. Many thanks you two from all who took part.
The Laughing Cavalier, Hythe 68... or copy on channel 19
This Club is fairly new with only 160 members. (Do you remember the days then we were that size). The atmosphere was great and anybody attending gets a great welcome. Worth a visit any Tuesday 

Now that was nice, no bickering, no shouting, no arguments, look's as if we have got it sorted out at last and can get down to some serious drinking.
The new badge design was picked and as you can see is on the front cover. My congrat's to all who entered their designs, they were all good but like everything else their are always winners and losers.
The winning entry was Charlie Brown and I think you will all agree is very good.



THE BARBECUE - on Saturday 1st, was a great success. We really enjoyed it, even the weather was good, and everyone seemed to have a good time.
Thank you Laughing Cavalier for the cooking, the chicken was delicious.
Thanks to Firefly, Trader, and anyone else who has not been mentioned who helped to organise it.
10-10 Till we do it again
A Lady Breaker


Just because Juggernaut (my dad) has a side band rig he likes to reach every possible conntry in the world, so off he went to buy a Super Scanner aerial (for those who failed to see it when it was up it looks like the old type T.V. aerial only ten times bigger.
Anyway, along comes Blue Falcon who helped Juggernaut to put it up. They spent a whole day bolting and lashing it th the chimney, lovely! We were able to talk to Germany, America, etc.
All that day Peabrain (my mum) kept asking if it was safe. "Yes, it's well lashed to the chimney, nothing could possibly move it" said Juggernaut.
How right could he be. That afternoon, after a high wing, down came the aerial but with the chimney still attached to it.
So if you ever want to put an aerial up, DON'T ask Juggernaut Jim or Blue Falcon, or if you do make sure your chimney is well attached to your roof
Breaker Break
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