Ginger Beard
Hello, my handle is Ginger Beard. Well I was Ginger back in the 1980's, now I am grey. I got into CB in the 1980. I first bought a CB receiver. Then one day I heard Laughing Cavalier talking to Angler, he said he had a rig (CB) for sale. I knew Angler so I went round his house, and he took me round Cavaliers 20 (Home), the rig was a Vice President Roy .  I bought the rig for £60. As I had not got an aerial for the rig, I could not use it for some time. Then one day I met Mad Man, he said he could make me one out of some wire to put up in the attic. Which he did and it worked fine. I worked for a company, Peacocks (Ford Main Dealer) then, and worked with Angler, Streaky Bacon and Silicon Sid. I must mention a good mate of Streaky,s he was always in Peacocks buying parts for his Capri, that is Black Jack. I got to know Black Jack too, what a nice lad. Anyway I have a story to tell about Black Jack. He used to chat to a lady breaker called Thunderbird from his works 20 at night (he used to work nights), well the chatting went to other things, and in the end they were married. Sadly Black Jack died some years ago from Leukaemia.
When I first went to the C.B meetings, they were held in the White Lion Pub and then in the Southcliff Hotel. Oh! they were good days. I met a lot of nice breakers. My Membership number is HV 174, Streaky Bacon, HV 172, Black Jack, HV 173. As you can see we joined together.

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