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Hearing for Simon


A LETTER in Adscene and the kind hearts of Citizens Band radio fans have brought the magic of sound to the silent world of little Simon. It all began earlier this year when the mother of four-year-old Simon wrote to us about the problems of getting the right sort of hearing aid for her son. The cost of a Jessops Radio was, she explained, around £500 and far more than she and her engineer husband could afford. "The day my letter appeared There was a knock at the front door and a strange man stood there announcing he was "King Midas" of the Folkestone CB breakers," she said. "He told me the club would like to sponsor Simon. I was amazed he was a total stranger and I had never heard of CB before." Pat, Simon's mother admits now she was also slightly cynical. In the past she had approached a number of charities but had been given no help in her hunt for the badly-needed cash to help her son- born with damaged ear nerves. But the CB club was as good as its word.
During the following weeks members organised fund raising discos, raffles and treasure hunts. Last week at a Folkestone hotel they presented Simon with his £525 worth of hearing equipment. At her council house home in Hill Road, Folkestone, 32-year-old Pat told Adscene: "There just aren't the words to thank those people properly. My husband, David, and I are completely over- whelmed-it is the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to us." The Loop, she explained, would give Simon a new lease of life. The equipment is virtually a two-way radio link which means she, or a teacher, can speak to Simon through it without outside interference. "It means I can call to him when he is in the garden or upstairs, just as one does with children whose hearing as normal. !It will give extra safely to him if he runs into the road he can't hear the traffic. But if I see him doing it I will be able to call him back." Until now Simon has had to rely on an ordinary type of hearing aid which, says Pat, is totally un-satisfactory. "People don't realise how frustrated deaf children get---especially when they can't make us understand what they want. "With clearer hearing, Simon will learn to speak more clearly too. This will make all the difference to his life" Pat and Simon are now members of the CB club and are going to help campaign for the legalisation of 27MHz----The wave band members use on their car radio links.
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